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I still can’t believe it!

Have you ever created something that you thought was terrible, but ended up becoming your biggest success yet? That’s exactly what happened to me recently when I released Episode 8 of my podcast just before the Oscars.

I don’t usually check on the stats of my videos, but I was on YouTube a few days ago, and I saw that my Episode 8: “Michele Yeoh’s accent and the 2023 Oscars” has gotten 20k+ views so far! It’s my first viral video, and it feels amazing.

The episode was about Michele Yeoh’s accent and the 2023 Oscars. I knew it would be a trending topic, so I made it really quickly to release just before the Oscars. In fact, because it was so hasty, I personally think it’s terrible!

But apparently, my audience disagrees with me. They loved it! And what’s even more surprising is that it’s unusual for long-format videos to go viral.

I’m still in shock that this happened, but I’m also incredibly grateful. It’s a reminder that sometimes, even when we don’t feel confident in our work, it can still resonate with others.

So if you’re feeling unsure about your latest creation, keep going. You never know what kind of impact it might have. And who knows, maybe you’ll create something that goes viral too!

If you want to check out the episode for yourself, you can listen to it on Captivate or anywhere you get your podcasts. Or, if you prefer, you can watch it on YouTube and help me grow even more!

👉🎧Listen to Episode 008 “Michele Yeoh’s accent and the 2023 Oscarsnow on Captivate or anywhere you get your podcasts! 

👀🎥Or WATCH it on YouTube, and help me grow even more!

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