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Unlike many other teachers, Bianca asks you about your goals and makes the learning process as personalized as possible. She analyzes your reading and free speech which helps you realize what it is you need to focus on. She provides tons of material to practice with, explains new concepts in an easy way, makes you drill difficult sounds over and over again, provides honest feedback; and last but not least, she truly cares for her students.”
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"Now, I feel it’s much easier to pronounce words and get more flow while reading out loud. I really appreciate her sessions because I got to know the sounds on a deeper level more than before.”
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"I tried several top teachers and you were the best in your approach by far. You correctly identified the issues in my pronunciation and created a plan to fix them. My accent has been considerably reduced already. I feel more confident in interaction with native English speakers."
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"I'm definitely doing better.”


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