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Accents are difficult! Don't do it ALONE!



More people EQUALS more ears EQUALS...

More HELP!

Make meaningful & memorable change to your accent with accountability & support in Bianca's Club!

Get the help you need

Errors= Problems you CAN’T hear yourself!

Errors= Problems you CAN’T hear yourself!

Errors= Problems you CAN’T hear yourself!

Errors= Problems you CAN’T hear yourself!

Errors= Problems you CAN’T hear yourself!

Mistakes= Problems YOU can fix!

Mistakes= Problems YOU can fix!

Mistakes= Problems YOU can fix!

Mistakes= Problems YOU can fix!

Mistakes= Problems YOU can fix!

Turn your unknown errors into simple mistakes!


You'll be surprised how fast your accent will start to change in my Accent Feedback Club! GO ahead... You've got nothing to lose!

Give it a try

Make your mistakes disappear with deliberate practice!



The feedback you wish you had!

You’ll wish you had joined sooner!

Don't waste any MORE time

Accent Feedback Club! 

Accent Feedback Club! 

Make Progress in your Accent

Multiple Weekly Feedback Sessions

Drop in LIVE multiple times a week or watch the video replays anytime! We give immediate feedback on: pronunciation, connected speech, syllable stress, word stress, rhythm, intonation... and more using Bianca's unique accent app!

Make Friends while Training

Goodbye comfort zone, hello supportive society

Here we are! You've found a group of people just like you! Share struggles and triumphs together. Get confidence and camaraderie as well as change!

Get started

Accent Coach Bianca has taught...

+15 years Actors other Accent Coaches +10k hours English Teachers Voiceover artists YouTubers Broadcasters Podcasters Business owners Professionals NGOs People just like you

Benefits of joining Bianca’s Accent Feedback Club

Accent change isn't EASY. But it's SIMPLE when you have all these:







Professional Guidance

Realtime Feedback

Targeted Changes

Ongoing Education



Faster Results

Less Overwhelm


Enough Talk, Let's Talk in the Club

If you want to change your accent, you need deliberate practice, timely feedback, and multiple repetitions in a valid environment

Get all 4 in the Accent Feedback Club

We work on the 4 Ps of Accents

  • Pronunciation (sounds for clarity)
  • Prosody (music of the language)
  • Posture (muscle tone of your mouth)
  • Person (your unique voice)
Start working on your accent! Join us

NO Risk!

  • I want your progress
  • Not your money
  • If you try and it’s not for you…
  • No problem!

How does the Accent Feedback Club work?


Drop in classes 5 times a week!

Come as little or as often as you’d like! Sessions are held on various days/times in the week to accommodate world schedules as much as possible!


Bring a short text to read out loud

As you read, I use my special app to mark your mistakes. Also, other people are listening trying to catch your mistakes and hear my corrections.


Get expert feedback from me!

I review your errors and mistakes, explaining corrections. You read your passage a second time, correcting yourself


Learn to correct yourself by correcting others

You’ll differentiate new sounds every day, and get feedback on if you are making good corrections


Review your feedback anytime

I give you a copy of your feedback notes. You have access to all the video replays and feedback notes for review

Ready to take the next step and work together?

Together We Correct and Create Accents

Don't just take my word for it...

⬇️ See what other Accent Feedback Club members are saying ⬇️

I'm ready to join
HalaVoiceover Artist, Egypt

“First of all, I enjoy the Feedback Club sessions a lot because as a Voice over artist, my problem was the connected speech and the accurate pronunciation of the vowels , so i managed to fix them by practicing reading scripts whilst Bianca highlights the mistakes and i need to say also that i started to memorize those phonetic symbols. I review the script one more time and check those mistakes and work on them, and that was absolutely helpful as I could read an English script very smoothly.”

JosarActor, Mexico

“Before the Club I had problems getting the sense of flow and musicality of English. Thanks to Bianca's feedback and the group diversity, I've started to get a better sense of my weak spots and how to work them in a practical way. I feel more confident speaking now, because I know where my flaws are and how to correct them. Getting control over your pronunciation means a lot!”

RenataEnglish School Owner, Brazil

WilliamEducation Specialist, Spain

“I accumulated a lot of bad habits and mistakes about pronouncing English across the years. I have been in Bianca's Feedback Club and it was been a game changer. All sessions have been pleasurable as I always chose something interesting for me to practice with. Now I am more aware of my inaccuracies, I can often correct myself as I am talking, people commented I sound more natural, etc..”

BeatrizMedical Interpreter, Bolivia

“I knew I was making progress in my English practicing on my own but at the same time it was getting more and more difficult to identify specific errors that applied just to me. The feedback club allows me to be observed by a professional coach who can help fix specific errors to improve my overall English proficiency. The results are fantastic! I don’t lose time and energy working on everything but just in my 20% (specific errors) to get the 80% of results.”

BenPolitical Science Student, Russia

“The feedback itself is actually the most useful thing here. It is indeed hard to identify the weaknesses of your own when you hear your voice. Absent an accent coach, I would never have figured out I mispronounced certain vowels. I have taken several accent reduction classes before this one, and instead of simply conversing, the Club encourages you to be in the “hot seat”, prompting you to read passages out loud. I have never encountered anything like that before and I find it truly unique. Other English clubs rarely teach accents properly as that is not their primary goal. Bianca’s phonetic markup is indeed something most accent coaches lack.”

YuniaChemistry Major, Russia

“I had a hard time pronouncing exact sounds ; also my aim is to sound more native ( still working on it). Actually, I didn't know where to start, however Bianca's sessions put everything right into place and now I know my weaknesses. My work on my accent became more streamlined. I literally can hear the differences. This is the most important thing for me to see my progress!”

RosaEnglish Teacher, Spain

“Sometimes I had doubts. I mispronounced a word or wrote the wrong preposition or ignored the meaning of some idiom. Once, navigating on Facebook I came across Bianca, and her Feedback Club. Since then, I can solve all my questions and learn the nuances of the English language. A second language needs to be practiced on a daily basis. My experience with The Accent Feedback Club is something that I'd like to share with people who can profit from it like myself. My recommendation: be a part of this Club and you will achieve what you need regarding your doubts when speaking English. Take advantage of the advice and teaching of one of the best English coaches I've met.”

Frequently Asked Questions

(DM me if you have anything else on your mind)

How much does the Accent Feedback Club cost?

It’s only $19 a month! You can sign up on my Patreon. It’s a monthly billing, and you can quit anytime!

Is there a way I can start for FREE?

I often run challenges on my Telegram channel. Challenges show dedication and motivation. So, if you complete the Telegram challenge for a month, I’ll give you a month of my Accent Feedback Club for FREE!

What platform do we meet on?

I host my community on Discord on the server Master an American Accent. Anyone who is interested in accents can join, but only Accent Feedback Club members have access to 3 special club channels!

How many people are in each class?

3-5 people usually take the ‘hot seat’ and speak in each session. Anyone can join just to listen, and video replays are always available to club members!

How much homework is there?

You’re in charge of how much you do outside of class. You can review your mistakes and prepare for your next ‘hot seat’. You can see videos of previous sessions. You can do nothing at all because life is busy and maybe you ONLY have time to come meet with us!

Can I get a refund if I'm not making any progress?

OF COURSE! If you’re attending sessions and working on your accent, but not getting anything out of it, it’s probably not a good fit and I’ll be happy to refund! I want your progress, not your money!

Silence Isn't Always Golden. My Accent Feedback Club can help you.

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Accent Feedback Club…   Master an American Accent…   ·

Accent Feedback Club…   Master an American Accent…   ·

Accent Feedback Club…   Master an American Accent…   ·

Accent Feedback Club…   Master an American Accent…   ·

Accent Feedback Club…   Master an American Accent…   ·