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EXPERT Accent Coach

Eliska Bouskova

“Bianca is both incredibly professional and friendly at the same time. Working on your pronunciation and accent can be pretty intimidating, it requires stepping out of your comfort zone and showing your weaknesses. So, it's important to work with someone who's not only an expert in their field, but also someone who supports you and who you can trust. Bianca is definitely one of these people. Unlike many other teachers, Bianca asks you about your goals and makes the learning process as personalized as possible. She analyzes your reading and free speech which helps you realize what it is you need to focus on. She provides tons of material to practice with, explains new concepts in an easy way, makes you drill difficult sounds over and over again, provides honest feedback; and last but not least, she truly cares for her students.”
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What are TEACHERS saying?

Irina Broadskaya

“I took a bunch of classes with Bianca, and I can tell that she is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable, and kind. We worked on my accent patterns to eliminate minor errors in my accent, and on my videos for a pronunciation blog. I am an accent coach myself, but I’m not a native English speaker, so once in a while, I ask a professional phonetician to assess my accent. I was phonetically trained as a student, and I deal with phonetics on a daily basis, so I can tell that Bianca definitely does know phonetics, and she is very good at explaining it. Second, we were working on my videos for the blog, and it was excellent too. She had loads of ideas to share, was very creative and encouraging. I recommend Bianca to anyone who needs to improve their skills for public speaking and/or social media content creation. Bianca is very professional, and her knowledge of phonetics and teaching methods are impressive.”

THIS is what it’s like to work with me >

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Myths that shouldn’t stop you:

“The moment I joined Bianca’s program, I was already working as an accent coach but I still needed to review some topics in order to know a different approach and help my students better. I wanted to discover different techniques to explain sounds in a simple manner so that students that are not familiar with advanced linguistic jargon could understand and make the most out of my programs. Bianca was very helpful and resourceful in every live session and the forums for teachers. It was always relieving to share my needs because along with the community members we always found the best answers to every question. Now, I have more ideas on how I can prepare my material, structure my training, and help my students with simple and nice techniques to help them improve their accents.”
Show me how!

Real people with life-changing results

"Bianca really knows English and HOW to teach it.

I've been teaching English for almost two decades, and I have only met a handful of brilliant minds who can really share their love and vast knowledge of the language in a clear, practical way.

I'm amazed at how Bianca can explain hard concepts IN SECONDS! And don't get me started on her arsenal of technological resources! She's definitely AMAZING!" ❤️

You don’t need to know anything about accents to get started.

I’ll teach you everything you need to know!

The 4 Ps of Accent Coaching:

  • Pronunciation (consonants, vowels, spelling vs. saying, allophonic variation, etc…)
  • Prosody (syllable stress, connected speech, rhythm, intonation, etc…)
  • Posture (articulators: developing muscle memory and automaticity)
  • Personhood (voice, identity, codeswitching, etc…)

Even if these 4 titles don’t mean anything to you yet, they will soon!

And there’s so much more than these 4…

Give it a go!

You don’t need to have any technical skills to start coaching accents.

Learn as you go. I’ll show you.

You already have your main tool for coaching accents- your mouth and your ears.

As you build your business, I’ll tell you all my secrets… like which equipment and software I have used, so you can save time and learn from my mistakes!

In my BONUS workshop videos, I’ll show you things like how to set up a newsletter, what transcription service for captions to use when doing Instagram videos, etc…

I'll try!

You don’t need a lot of time to start coaching accents.

Leaving the security of a paid job (even if you’re not being paid what you’re worth) can be scary! You don’t have to do it all at once!

I started out slowly, teaching one accent student at a time, until I felt comfortable and confident enough to ‘leave it all behind’.

Many teachers try out their new skills and techniques while still teaching traditional classes.

Most teachers still keep their ‘day job’ while they are slowly building a website, creating social media content, etc…

I’ll support you at whatever pace and whatever place you’re at!

Let's do this!

Flourish in this GROWING niche!

You’ve been teaching too long; it’s time to become an Accent Coach!

The ACCENT niche is growing.

More and more people speak English.

It’s not too late.

The slices of the pie in this field aren’t getting smaller.

There’s MORE pie!

They all want better accents!

You’re the one to teach them!

You’re just in time to claim your space and get your slice!

It's time
↑ALL my coaching secrets!↑
Don’t tell anyone!

Kwanjai Worapatsu

"I was looking for the effective and non-overwhelming ways to teach pronunciation. Bianca can teach pronunciation in details and she also simplifies the way we teach our students to make the right sounds without have any headache. The Accent Teachers Academy helps me connect with other passionate and aspiring teachers. Being part of the club, I feel like I have Bianca and other teachers to go to if I have any questions regarding pronunciation and teaching English in general. I got to learn more pronunciation teaching techniques and be able to apply to my social media contents right away and I can also use them to plan my online course in the future too."
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Real teachers with life-changing results

Ildar Akhmetov, Ph.D.

University of Alberta

“Frankly, my accent was not so bad. But I knew that there were many little things that I really wanted to make better. As a university lecturer, it's super important to sound as clear as possible, so even minor slips can be a problem. However, it's not easy to find a coach able to work with these subtle issues. A regular accent coach may say that I'm fine and don't need to worry.

In this sense, Bianca is worlds apart. She is a top coach, a professor in accent reduction! From the first lesson, she categorized my accent issues and proposed various methods to reduce them. We met weekly for a few months, and every lesson was super efficient for me. Instead of blandly practicing with standard textbook material, we used my actual lectures. So, when I was lecturing the next day, I still had all Bianca's instructions and could reinforce them."

Accent = Pronunciation, Prosody, Posture, and Personhood!      

Accent = Pronunciation, Prosody, Posture, and Personhood!      

Accent = Pronunciation, Prosody, Posture, and Personhood!      

Accent = Pronunciation, Prosody, Posture, and Personhood!      

Accent = Pronunciation, Prosody, Posture, and Personhood!      

Accent = Pronunciation, Prosody, Posture, and Personhood!      

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“Even as a teacher, better yet, a linguist with years of experience teaching from kindergarten all the way up to university, my problem was that I really didn’t believe what I have to offer would be accepted by language learners. As luck would have it, Bianca recognized (we have mutual friends here in Guadalajara) me during an event and told me about her accent coaching group. Bianca openly added me to the group as a teacher, and I was introduced immediately to her students and teachers. I learned from them what their struggles, and presented them with my expertise. A couple of fellow teachers, in particular, immediately implemented my suggestions, to their surprise, produced immediate results.

Furthermore, Bianca helped me with what I am weakest at: social media. She helped me with various suggestions and motivated me to have a presence on social media such as Clubhouse and Instagram. To date, I have a fair amount of content on both, and they are beginning to attract a following. While offering free classes on Clubhouse, I honed my teaching skills for my project Copycat Karaoke. And Bianca again helped me with more social media by conducting a couple of interviews about it. As a result, I have a greater following on Instagram.

Bianca’s dedication to coaching is second to none. Along with her openness to share, it motivates me to do more by sticking to my postulations and find the people who appreciate it.”

Be like Nicholas & Beatriz!

Be like these teachers

Beatriz Flores

Medical Interpreter Rochester, NY, U.S

"I am a French-Spanish teacher and I wanted to improve my English since I moved from Chile to the U.S in 2015. I thought that if I only improved my pronunciation I would fix my accent and speak better English, although this is true, it’s not all.

When I first met Bianca I realized that I needed to work in different aspects of my English, from pronunciation, phonethics, phonology to rhythm, linking, placement and more.

After having one on one coaching through Skype with Bianca, I followed her in the transition to Discord. This has been an encouraging experience, I got to know other people from all over the world, that like me, are eager to improve their English and to dig deeper in all the aspects involving English learning.

Also, the workshop in Discord went way beyond language itself to discover how we can take steps in building good habits to grow in all aspects of life. Bianca is not just a professional and knowledgeable accent coach but she is an excellent life coach as well.

Although I still make mistakes, thanks to the tools, strategies, tips and tricks that Bianca taught me I feel more confident and my fluency is going up!

Due to my job as an interpreter, I need a very high level of English proficiency. I think that if I continue applying Bianca’s advice I’ll be there very soon."

Come for the Coaching… Stay for the Community…

Come for the Coaching… Stay for the Community…

Come for the Coaching… Stay for the Community…

Come for the Coaching… Stay for the Community…

Come for the Coaching… Stay for the Community…

Stop Teaching Language… Start Coaching Accents…

Stop Teaching Language… Start Coaching Accents…

Stop Teaching Language… Start Coaching Accents…

Stop Teaching Language… Start Coaching Accents…

Stop Teaching Language… Start Coaching Accents…

My Accent Teachers are My #1 PRIORITY!

  • Group & Individual Sessions
  • Business Coaching
  • Practice in Accent Coaching
  • On-demand Workshops
  • Customizable Resources
  • Professional networking
  • Community support
  • Monthly or Yearly membership
I want these benefits! Let me in!


Owner of Twin English School

"Sometimes, I know I’m mispronouncing words, but because of some fossilized errors it’s difficult to pronounce everything correctly. I had difficulty pronouncing ‘rl’ together like in ‘world’; squirrel. I’ve been learning some key tactics to improve my pronunciation, which I can use to help my students understand pronunciation more easily. I also learned the specific names related to Connected Speech. As I’m an English teacher, it’s crucial I learn how to pronounce the words correctly and some techniques to teach my students as well. I have benefitted from learning connected speech as well."
Transition to accent coaching!

What real TEACHERS are saying

"Bianca is an extraordinary teacher with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and ideas. She generously shares the resources she has developed over the years, which I am able to use to create content and serve my students better. I am so grateful to be a part of this community!"

Let me share my expertise with you...

  • Over 4,000 hours of Accent Coaching
  • Different English Dialects and Idiolects taught
  • 13+ years English teaching experience
  • MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • BA in Anthropology
  • 3k+ followers on Instagram
  • 6k+ members in Clubhouse

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Accent Teachers Academy right for you?

Teaching language is a brutal job. I taught English for almost 15 years before I had the courage to transition to accent work only! I worked in many different types of institutions and schools, teaching every age and every level of language.

I had my favorites, but I was still working for someone else. I had to teach what the school wanted, which was not always what my students really wanted or needed. Once I was suddenly laid off because enrollment was down and I was the most recently hired.

In every language, speakers need to be understood. No matter what language you teach, people want to learn to speak better! Everyone has an ideal accent for their goal. You can stop teaching general language and really start helping people the way they need!

Only you can answer this for sure!

But I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you already know it’s worth a try to stop teaching language and start coaching accents!

DM me for a quick call to explore if this is the right path for you!

Where do I sign up?

My main payment gateway is Patreon. However, if some people need to use alternatives like Boosty or Paypal due to international political reasons (like Iran or Russia).

What's the difference between Teaching and Coaching?

Teaching is usually done in a group setting, and it’s a more traditional approach to learning. It puts the teacher in a position of power and knowledge, and the student is there to receive that knowledge, like an empty glass waiting to be filled.

Coaching puts the student (or client) at the center, in charge of their own learning experience. We coaches are there to understand their needs, desires, abilities, and preferences and help guide them as needed, using our expertise to empower THEM!

One approach is not inherently better than the other. Many cultures and individuals still value a teacher centered approach. I prefer to coach in most circumstances.

What do we do during our LIVE sessions?

We meet weekly on Discord, in person (optional). In these workshop sessions, we go over the Pronunciation goal and Prosody goal for the month (as needed). We use the leftover time for masterminding: Q & A, individual coaching for you, networking…

What if I can't come to the weekly LIVE meeting?

You have access to the archive of ALL live sessions! You can always post questions that I’ll answer anytime!

What else is included in the Academy?

We have 3 special, private channels on Discord.

The regular chat channel we use to ask questions and touch base on

The Replay channel is used to archive all the links to videos of past sessions

The Resources channel is where I share the resources I have used in the past, which you are welcome to use as a template, and copy to alter to fit your needs!


You are also welcome to attend any of the events I have, from free Office Hours (where you can get hands-on practice correcting others) to my Instagram and Clubhouse live sessions.

I am also happy to send you my THree THings THursday newsletter, so you can see how i write (and to keep you in the loop of what I’m doing).

Finally, I ask my teachers first if they would like to collaborate with me on Instagram, in order to mutually benefit our followers and grow our audiences together!

What platform do we use?

The Accent Teachers Academy uses Discord. If you don’t know Discord, it’s like WhatsApp + Reddit in one. The learning curve for any new platform can be scary, but don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it!

I really stand by Discord and encourage you to have a Discord server as well (instead of a subscription membership platform such as Mighty Networks, Circle, etc…) with your students. I would love to show you the joys of Discord!

When do we meet live?

After doing a survey with the founding members, we found the most requested time for me to be available to teachers live was Tuesday mornings my time (GMT-5). If the majority of the group would like weekly live sessions at another time, we can change the schedule! We record all sessions, so the replays are available to you at any time!

What are the monthly topics?

Each month, we touch base on 1 Pronunciation challenge and 1 Prosody challenge clients face. This is the same schedule I use when I’m publishing social media content, so that you can see what I am working on! I ask if Accent Teachers have any need for these in their own speaking, or in how they coach these accent challenges.


I made this list based on the most common challenges I’ve seen in clients:

Month Pronunciation Focus Prosody Focus
January Rs Syllable Stress
February Ss & Zs


Basic Connected Speech 
March Ls Advanced Connected Speech
April Vs Basic American English Rhythm 
May Schwa Advanced American English Rhythm 
June Ts & Ds Basic American English Intonation 
July THs Advanced American English Intonation 
August 9 Front Vowels Vocal Fry + Upspeak  
September 9 Back Vowels Placement 
October 9 Center Vowels Nasality
November Voicing Affective Block
December NGs Identity in Language/Accent

What are the BONUS workshop video topics?

Besides Replays of the live weekly sessions, BONUS videos fall under 3 categories:

  1. Monthly Pronunciation and Prosody topics (refer to the monthly schedule)
  2. Topics I happen to be working on and would like to share with you. For example, last month I was working on creating a Telegram group for practice, so I decided to video WHY & HOW I set it up, so that you could learn with me.
  3.  Special Requests. Sometimes, teachers request I do a separate video on a process or procedure. I’m happy to honor those requests, because they really tell me what you need to know!

How much does the Accent Teachers Academy cost?

It’s a monthly membership of $19. You can cancel at any time. If I can’t help you, I’m happy to refund your money!

How long will it take me to become an Accent Coach?

Some people who join have already started coaching, and need help growing their business or refining their coaching skills.

Some people are really good coaches, and looking for community and networking more than anything.

Other people are still teaching language full time, and only just starting to transition or see if this is the right direction for their career.

Some language teachers want to work on their own accent first before coaching others so that they can start by getting better job offers but continue teaching language.

So… it depends on how much you want to learn from me and the rest of our members.

I show you all you need to know!

Learn from my mistakes to grow faster!

Learn to do it yourself