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Learn to run and manage an accent coaching business in the Accent Teachers Academy

Become an Accent Coach in the Accent Teachers Academy

“She truly cares for her students.” – Eliska Bouskova

Who can sign up?

All levels are welcome in my Accent Teachers Academy!

We always save a seat for you

  • Drop in on any of the pre-scheduled class times I keep for members ONLY

  • One flat rate covers a whole month of sessions and plenty of extras like my weekly newsletter

  • All levels welcome; from beginners to seasoned teachers

  • AND you get a ton of guidance to help you start an Accent Coaching business!

Learn accent teaching techniques in the Accent Teachers Academy
Grow your accent coaching business in the Accent Teachers Academy
Why accent coaching?

Accent coaching is a great opportunity for teachers

Learn the ins and outs of running a coaching service

  • Get insider secrets directly from me, Accent Coach Bianca

  • Learn all the equipment, apps, and software I use to keep my business profitable

  • Set up professional emails, newsletters, a podcast, and MORE

  • BONUS workshop videos to help you manage your time and your resources

Teachers, you can get all of this and MORE for only $27 USD

Can I use these techniques in my classroom?

Teachers like you make each class incredible with accent training

Guide your students to new levels of excellence by incorporating accent lessons

  • Impress parents and administrators

  • Train other teachers at your school

  • Enjoy class more with fun, interactive lessons that help students speak

PLUS you can add academy sessions to any private coaching for a full-rounded experience

Accent Teachers Academy


““Bianca is both incredibly professional and friendly at the same time. Working on your pronunciation and accent can be pretty intimidating, it requires stepping out of your comfort zone and showing your weaknesses. So, it's important to work with someone who's not only an expert in their field, but also someone who supports you and who you can trust. Bianca is definitely one of these people. Unlike many other teachers, Bianca asks you about your goals and makes the learning process as personalized as possible. She analyzes your reading and free speech which helps you realize what it is you need to focus on. She provides tons of material to practice with, explains new concepts in an easy way, makes you drill difficult sounds over and over again, provides honest feedback; and last but not least, she truly cares for her students.””

Eliska Bouskova

““I took a bunch of classes with Bianca, and I can tell that she is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable, and kind. We worked on my accent patterns to eliminate minor errors in my accent, and on my videos for a pronunciation blog. I am an accent coach myself, but I’m not a native English speaker, so once in a while, I ask a professional phonetician to assess my accent. I was phonetically trained as a student, and I deal with phonetics on a daily basis, so I can tell that Bianca definitely does know phonetics, and she is very good at explaining it. Second, we were working on my videos for the blog, and it was excellent too. She had loads of ideas to share, was very creative and encouraging. I recommend Bianca to anyone who needs to improve their skills for public speaking and/or social media content creation. Bianca is very professional, and her knowledge of phonetics and teaching methods are impressive.””

Irina Broadskaya

““The moment I joined Bianca’s program, I was already working as an accent coach but I still needed to review some topics in order to know a different approach and help my students better. I wanted to discover different techniques to explain sounds in a simple manner so that students that are not familiar with advanced linguistic jargon could understand and make the most out of my programs. Bianca was very helpful and resourceful in every live session and the forums for teachers. It was always relieving to share my needs because along with the community members we always found the best answers to every question. Now, I have more ideas on how I can prepare my material, structure my training, and help my students with simple and nice techniques to help them improve their accents.””

Daniel Alfaro

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check below for any additional information. Don’t see what you need? Feel free to email me here. 

Do I need teaching experience or can I start from zero?

I accept anyone that wants to learn teaching techniques, business management, and how to market themselves. If that’s you, then this is your group!

How often do we meet?

I keep five different times during my week open on the “Master an American Accent” Discord server for Academy members. You can drop in on the class that fits your schedule so you never have to rearrange your week.

How is this different from your other accent coaching services?

The Accent Teachers Academy focuses on teaching methods more than speaking methods. However, you can add accent training to your membership by signing up for one-on-one classes apart from your academy sessions. They go great together!

Will you help me start my business?

All of my students get a ton of help growing their business in this incredible field. But, if you want some extra guidance, you can sign up for one-on-one sessions and just shoot me a note that you need additional help. I love to work with fellow teachers just like you!

If this doesn't work out, can I get a refund?

I’m happy to give a refund assuming you attend a few classes and really give it a shot before you ask for your money back. If I’m not the right coach for you, let me know and I’ll direct you to some of my peers in hopes of finding you a better match!

Do you give out a lot of homework?

I personally don’t assign homework to my students, but if you want to do additional preparation or research, I can point you in the right direction.