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Accent Coach Bianca helps you with an American Accent

Imagine speaking with ease and confidence in your new, American accent. Sign up with me, Accent Coach Bianca, and make it happen.

“I feel lucky to have her as my coach.”

Anna B.


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"Bianca has tons of experience and resources to share with her students. She is always available outside of lesson hours if you have any questions. She is very passionate and dedicated towards her students’ success and I feel lucky to have her as my coach."

Anna B.

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ESL Students and Teachers

Take your pronunciation to the next level with expert accent training.


Give yourself every advantage – practice the best accent, run lines, and make your delivery incredible with accent training.

Business Professionals

Knock them dead at your next big presentation, over the phone, or during your next meeting with help from me, Accent Coach Bianca.

Here’s what they have to say:

She is a top coach, a professor in accent reduction! From the first lesson, she categorized my accent issues and proposed various methods to reduce them. We met weekly for a few months, and every lesson was super efficient for me. Instead of blandly practicing with standard textbook material, we used my actual lectures. So, when I was lecturing the next day, I still had all Bianca's instructions and could reinforce them.
Thank you, Bianca!

Ildar Akhmetov, Ph.D.Seasonal Instructor, University of Alberta

Thanks to the tools, strategies, tips, and tricks that Bianca taught me I feel more confident and my fluency is going up!

Beatriz FloresMedical Interpreter, NY, U.S.

I have worked with Bianca on many aspects of my accent, from intonation to accuracy in pronouncing certain vowels and consonants. I feel I have already made certain progress over several months, and my subscribers (who are mostly from the US) feel the same way. It feels great working with Bianca, and I plan on continuing doing it.

Greg MustreaderYouTube Broadcaster

I recommend Bianca to anyone who needs to improve their skills for public speaking and/or social media content creation. Bianca is very professional, and her knowledge of phonetics and teaching methods are impressive.

Irina BroadskayaFrom Russia

I knew a few things about working on my accent before. But Bianca helped to get it to a whole new level. For several lessons, she explained to me tons of nuances about English sounds, which otherwise would have taken me months or even years of self-study. Her classes are very structured, which means there is no time-wasting and every minute you spend goes to building up your speaking confidence and accuracy. Of course, there is no easy way to get rid of or even reduce your native accent, but Bianca knows a lot of “tricks” that can help you improve your English pronunciation right away. I’m still using the drills and warm-up routines she tailored for me to work on some of my soft spots. That experience totally helped me to make a difference.

Konstantin RozhkovYouTube Broadcaster

As a voice-over artist, my problem was the connected speech and the accurate pronunciation of the vowels. I managed to fix them by practicing reading scripts whilst Bianca highlights the mistakes and I started to memorize those phonetic symbols. I would then review the script one more time and check those mistakes and work on them, and that was absolutely helpful. Now I can read an English script very smoothly

HalaVoice-Over Artist

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