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FREE accent coaching - get an American Accent

Do you know how to pronounce often? Do you wonder how to pronounce February with authority?  

My monthly masterclasses help you speak with an American Accent effortlessly. Feel more confident, further your career, and never get asked, "Oh, where are you from?" ever again.

This month's workshop covers how to:

Master the 8 Back Vowels

                                                                           In this one-hour session, I'll help you...

  • Adjust your tongue, jaw, and lip placement to make the correct sound
  • Master each sound so you never get misunderstood
  • Make your accent work for you; in your profession, with new friends, and more

Take advantage of this one-hour session plus Q & A to learn each vowel sound inside and out. Use the link below to register and I'll send you four bonus lessons for the month, then get you a spot in the class. It's all yours, FREE!


Free session of accent coaching - learn how to pronounce