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Are you on “Team R” or on the “Non-rhoticity Team”?

Do you pronounce your Rs in English?

What’s the difference between Linking R, Intrusive R, and even Hyper-rhoticization?

There are accents in English that are Non-Rhotic, meaning they don’t pronounce the R unless it’s immediately followed by a vowel sound.

What accents of English are non-rhotic?

  • Most English accents in England
  • Accents in Australia
  • Almost all the accents of New Zealand
  • Most accents of South Africa
  • A few accents in North America as well (mostly on the East coast of the United States)

There’s even a kind of polarization occurring around Rs- either you do it or you don’t in order to sound more prestigious.

We also talk about:

  • Historical influences on Rs
  • How saying (or not saying) your Rs can be a status thing
  • Forbidden experiments
  • Slang and Urban Dictionary
  • Discrimination
  • Noticing people’s accents
  • Identity
  • Cults
  • Twin languages
  • the ‘Where are you from?’ problematic question


  • Mark’s own accent changes through time

Listen to this episode for more information about Rs in different English accents than meets the eye!

Listen to Episode 11 “Intrusive R in British Accents” on Captivate or watch on YouTube!




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