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“I just can’t tell you how much she is helping me.”

 – Gisel, Civil Engineer


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Love your new voice

Live, private coaching on your time, done your way

  • Sign up for a month of solo sessions here on my site or on my Patreon

  • Choose the best days and times for your sessions

  • Join me for a video call on Discord or the platform of your choice

  • Work on your accent for 45 uninterrupted minutes and refine your accent

The advantage of private coaching

Customize your sessions

  • Set up a schedule that fits your work and life

  • Cancel or change a class if you can’t make it

  • Ask for a refund with zero fuss

I’m here to help you succeed. If, after a few classes, you feel we aren’t a good fit, I’m happy to refund you.
But... is private coaching fun?

They are a blast!

Get an enthusiastic, creative coach who loves her students.

  • Learn in a fun, positive environment

  • Experience a teacher who cares about you and your progress

  • Love every session with me, Accent Coach Bianca!


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"I tried several top teachers and you were the best in your approach by far. You correctly identified the issues in my pronunciation and created a plan to fix them. My accent has been considerably reduced already. I feel more confident in interaction with native English speakers."

VitaliyBusinessperson, Ukraine

“Before I took Bianca's class, I had talked to more than ten accent coaches, but hadn't found an ideal one. Many of the coaches don't really spend time on learning how to teach. Instead, they just ask students to mimic them, but don't tell students why or how.
Bianca is different. She's very passionate about teaching, and she enjoy the great sense of achievement from seeing her students' improvement. I've had about 30 classes with Bianca since June 2020. She makes each class very informative and helpful. She is very knowledgeable in terms of accent reduction. I can feel my changes from learning with her. I'll continue to take her class without doubt.”

SuzyAccountant, China

“Bianca's help is invaluable. Viewers from my YouTube channel have noticed the difference and I am receiving unsolicited prize for my improvement. That is due to all Q&A, exercises, challenges, and exchanges led by Bianca. I am finally able to recognize my own pronunciation mistakes and be more aware of how Americans actually pronounce the English Language.”

WilliamEducation Specialist, Spain

“After having one on one coaching through Skype with Bianca, I followed her in the transition to Discord. This has been an encouraging experience, I got to know other people from all over the world, that like me, are eager to improve their English and to dig deeper in all the aspects involving English learning. Although I still make mistakes, thanks to the tools, strategies, tips and tricks that Bianca taught me I feel more confident and my fluency is going up!”

BeatrizMedical Interpreter, Bolivia

"I knew a few things about working on my accent before, but Bianca helped to get it to a whole new level. She explained tons of nuances about English sounds, which otherwise would have taken me months or even years of self-study. Her classes are very structured, which means there is no time wasting and every minute you spend goes to building up your speaking confidence and accuracy. Bianca knows a lot of tricks that can help you improve your English pronunciation right away. I’m still using the drills and warm-up routines she tailored for me to work on. That experience totally helped me to make a difference".

KonstantinNews Reporter, Russia

“For the first session, she assessed my level of English pronunciation and listed the areas for improvement. She made a list of my accent mistakes and errors. It means a lot to me. I have done many assessments in the past, but none of them gave me such an overview of what I should work on to improve my English pronunciation. It was scientific and systematic. It made me fill that it is possible to reach my goal and speak like a native English speaker.”

BellyaNGO professional, Benin

Now, I feel it’s much easier to pronounce words and get more flow while reading out loud. I really appreciate her sessions because I got to know the sounds on a deeper level more than before.”

YasActor, Japan

"I'm definitely doing better.”

ReginaEngineer, Brazil

“I couldn't distinguish which syllable should be stressed and how to stress it with a musical tone. After studying with Bianca, she taught me to use the daDAdada strategy, which is very easy to remember and mimic. It is easy to understand and it is beautiful. Now, after the special training with Bianca, I can catch the right musical rhythm and stressed syllables when I am reading and listening. I am enjoying the music rhythm in the language now.”

AnnaDentist, China

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take me to change my accent?

You’ll see change on the very first day! And, when you ask HOW LONG, I ask HOW OFTEN; as in, how often do you come to class? How often do you practice? With lots of repetition, you’ll get there faster.

When are you available?

I set aside about 30 hours a week for 1:1 sessions with individual students. After you sign up, you’ll get a link to my personal calendar. You can schedule your sessions up to 2 months in advance to guarantee the days and times you like.

How often can we meet?

It’s up to you! Some people meet once a month, others twice a week. I work with you so that you get all the classes you want and feel comfortable with your schedule.

Is there homework?

I let my students assign themselves homework. If you want to do extra practice, prep for your next class, or do extra reading and speaking, please feel free. If you really need homework from me, we can discuss it in your sessions.

What platform do we use?

Most people meet me on my Discord server because that’s where I host my community of accent enthusiasts. You’ll get the link to join after you sign up if you’re not already there. I love Discord because it’s a fantastic platform that integrates video meetings, posts, and more. You’ll fall in love with it! But if Discord doesn’t work for you, I can meet you on Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or the platform of your choice.

How long are our 1:1 Sessions?

Each session lasts 45 minutes.

What if I have to cancel a session?

As long as you make changes 24 hours in advance, there’s no problem. Anything less than that and I’ll have to charge you for your session.

What if I go on vacation or join late in the month?

This is the beauty of individual sessions – they’re adjustable! Tell me about your vacation in advance and we’ll make up the sessions later at no cost. If you start late in the month and pay for the full month, we can add the extra sessions another time.

Is there a refund guarantee?

Of course! I’m sure I can help you, but if you try out a few classes and find I’m not the coach for you, I’m happy to give you a refund.

How much does it cost?

Pricing changes as you schedule sessions with me; more time together changes the price. Please check out my Patreon to see how I structure the cost of my coaching sessions.

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