Accent Coach Bianca

The Real Reason I Make Captions

Captions on videos, shows, and movies? Do you LOVE them or HATE them?

People think they shouldn’t need to use subtitles in their 2nd language. That they should be ashamed of and strive to move past.

Let me tell you my story…

In middle school, I sat in the back row with the clowns. But slowly I creeped forward, row by row. By university, I sat front and center with the other nerds.

Like most university students, I took copious notes and was listening carefully and looking at what the teacher said.

One day I took off my glasses to clean them.

When I did, I suddenly couldn’t hear the professor.

It made no sense whatsoever. So, I did it again. Same result. Was I nuts to believe this was happening?

Fast forward 6 months.

It turned out I had had a slow growing a brain tumor on my hearing and balance nerve. I had learned to read lips without even noticing. When I removed my glasses, I removed more input than I was aware of.

Sight and hearing compliment each other, and for some of us the two are inseparable.

You might know that I also have APD (Auditory Processing Disorder).

Who knows, maybe I had it back then as well.

All the more reason to keep those captions and subtitles on.

Even before it was a thing, I spent hours on making perfect captions for all of us.

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