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No more excuses. Start your accent challenge on Telegram TODAY

“My problem is that I've been learning English for more than five 5 years and at this point of my journey I feel fluent enough with my writing, reading, and speaking skills.

However, my speaking skills are just intermediate and people always tell me that I'm not using my jaw and lips and my tongue properly. I always make mistakes with the T and D sounds as in “let” and “lead”, or I mispronounce “world” and “word” or “wear” and “were”. Clubhouse helps me to talk with a specialist in pronunciation.

Bianca knows all the details about good pronunciation. Not only that, she's able to adapt and find a way to explain, encode, and engrave the information in a clear, fun, and profound way. I'm happy to have the opportunity to listen and interact on Clubhouse because Bianca is a thoughtful and kind person.

She always cares about you and your learning process. She has the patience and skills, along with the right workouts and methodology to improve on a daily basis with a compounding effect.

If you are willing to listen to her, you will improve in just 2 min per day with practical exercises on Telegram and 1 hour per week in Clubhouse.

Believe me… I have only known her for the last month and I already feel the difference in my face movements and awareness!”

Edgar, EngineerMexico

In just one minute a day, you will form a habit that will lead to lasting accent change!

Accent exercises for you!

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  • Effective
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Go on...
I'm listening...
Do daily accent activities!


Understand HOW move your jaw, lips, tongue...


Listen and copy me. No, really. That's all you have to do.


Get muscle memory for automatic changes to your accent.

Accent Coach Bianca has taught

+15 years Actors other Accent Coaches +10k hours English Teachers Voiceover artists YouTubers Broadcasters Podcasters Business owners Professionals NGOs People just like you

Accents are complex.

So, I break them down into simple daily tasks.



a day!

Effective Accent Training

Minimal deliberate daily repetition forms habits that create muscle memory for long-lasting change.

Painless Gains

FREE to participate!

Anytime, Anywhere ~ all you need is your phone

Follow THESE steps


Join Bianca’s Telegram group

Download the app and join using my Free Link!


Take your phone out anytime, anywhere.

Skip Candy Crush for today (and still have enough time leftover for Wordle)!


Listen to my voice and copy me

Use me as a model to mimic me in the comment. Check my helpful notes as well!

Take tiny steps to train your accent

Join My Telegram Challenge

Join My Telegram Challenge

Join My Telegram Challenge

Join My Telegram Challenge

Join My Telegram Challenge

Join My Telegram Challenge

I’m here to help YOU!

Use your phone and be like these folks…

"I'm delighted with everything. I can not wait for next lesson. Thank you so much!"


"Bianca, thank you so much! I really enjoy our lessons."

Tania LindUkranian

"Very useful tips, looking forward to the next lesson!"


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