Accent Feedback Club

$19.00 / Month

Get into an incredible, online accent coaching community.


No, this is NOT a conversation club

This is a club for you to get the accent you want and make it work for you.

Come to the Accent Feedback Club and work on your accent in a group class, get professional feedback, and make lifelong friends.

Build up confidence, improve your communication with viewers, clients, and colleagues, learn techniques you can teach in class, and more.

See how it works here.

Benefits of Accent Feedback Club:

  • ¬†Personalized corrective feedback to help you practice
  • ¬†Improved confidence to help you succeed
  • An in-depth understanding of Pronunciation, Rhythm, Intonation, and more!
  • Access to an incredible community and accountability partners
  • ¬†IN-PERSON virtual group classes
  • A pdf document of corrections specific to you
  • A complete archive of past sessions
  • PLUS I’ll assign you a Special Discord role
  • PLUS you get to be one of my close friends of Instagram
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