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📅THIS is the day to think about APD (Auditory Processing Disorder)!

What do you know about it? If you are like I was not long ago, probably nothing.

But someone you know might have this problem and not even know it.

When someone suggested this to me, at first I said ‘nah, it’s that I’m deaf in one ear’, which I am and certainly doesn’t help.
But then I gave it some thought and looked into it.
I’m so glad I did, because now I have strategies to deal with it.
You might think you’re struggling in English simply because it’s your second language. That’s reasonable.
But maybe there are little things going on with that you don’t even think about or dismiss.

I dismissed signs for a long time, until finally looking into APD.

I ask ‘what?’ all the time, but by the time they answer, I’ve actually pieced it together. It’s not a problem with my ear, but how I process (or don’t) what I’m hearing!

If you give me a bunch or verbal steps, I’ll be lucky to get to #3 without asking for repetition.

It’s almost like I have dyslexia of the ears, but I’m hyper focused on what people are saying and how they say it. I guess it made me a better accent coach in a way!

Phewww- I’m glad I did, because now I have coping strategies that really help.

There’s soooo much I didn’t know about how we process sound, and what causes APD, and what you can do about it.

So I made a special podcast episode about it!

Biochemistry and Functional Neurology meet here, as Lorraine Driscoll explains what auditory processing is and what it affects, what can cause poor auditory processing, and what people can do to overcome auditory processing issue issues.

You’ll be blown away, like I was! Listen TODAY, because you might be able to help someone you love!💗

 👉🎧Please listen to and share this my special podcast episode about Auditory Processing Disorder with Lorraine Driscoll! (Episode 010) now on Captivate and anywhere you get your podcasts! 


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I serve the world by empowering people to speak English with confidence in their accent. My enthusiasm results in people feeling like they fit in better socially, and getting better work opportunities.

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