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Practice speaking with a group of language enthusiasts just like you in my Accent Feedback Club!

Master an American accent online with an accent feedback club
Learning but fun

Drop in on a lively, interactive class

Accent Feedback Club meets five times a week so you can find the perfect time for your schedule!

  • Come meet fellow accent enthusiasts

  • Practice your speaking skills OR just hang out and listen

  • No need to reserve a spot

  • Only $19 a month when you sign up on my Patreon

The best place to get expert feedback

Here's how it works

  • Bring something interesting to read to the class on my Discord server

  • Volunteer for the hot seat

  • Read out loud as your classmates listen

  • Get professional notes on your accent from me, your coach

  • Listen in on my feedback for your peers

  • Keep coming back and develop your AMAZING ACCENT!

A club designed for learners like you

Sign up today for perks like:

  • Replays of each session and detailed notes from me, Accent Coach Bianca

  • Clear goals to work towards so you keep getting better

  • Encouragement from your teacher and your fellow club members

  • New friends, good times, and all the love that comes with your membership


Here’s what my Accent Feedback Club

members have to say:

“First of all, I enjoy the Feedback Club sessions a lot because as a Voice over artist, my problem was the connected speech and the accurate pronunciation of the vowels , so i managed to fix them by practicing reading scripts whilst Bianca highlights the mistakes and i need to say also that i started to memorize those phonetic symbols. I review the script one more time and check those mistakes and work on them, and that was absolutely helpful as I could read an English script very smoothly.”

HalaVoiceover Artist, Egypt

“Before the Club I had problems getting the sense of flow and musicality of English. Thanks to Bianca's feedback and the group diversity, I've started to get a better sense of my weak spots and how to work them in a practical way. I feel more confident speaking now, because I know where my flaws are and how to correct them. Getting control over your pronunciation means a lot!”

JosarActor, Mexico

“I accumulated a lot of bad habits and mistakes about pronouncing English across the years. I have been in Bianca's Feedback Club and it was been a game changer. All sessions have been pleasurable as I always chose something interesting for me to practice with. Now I am more aware of my inaccuracies, I can often correct myself as I am talking, people commented I sound more natural, etc..”

WilliamEducation Specialist, Spain

“I knew I was making progress in my English practicing on my own but at the same time it was getting more and more difficult to identify specific errors that applied just to me. The feedback club allows me to be observed by a professional coach who can help fix specific errors to improve my overall English proficiency. The results are fantastic! I don’t lose time and energy working on everything but just in my 20% (specific errors) to get the 80% of results.”

BeatrizMedical Interpreter, Bolivia

“The feedback itself is actually the most useful thing here. It is indeed hard to identify the weaknesses of your own when you hear your voice. Absent an accent coach, I would never have figured out I mispronounced certain vowels. I have taken several accent reduction classes before this one, and instead of simply conversing, the Club encourages you to be in the “hot seat”, prompting you to read passages out loud. I have never encountered anything like that before and I find it truly unique. Other English clubs rarely teach accents properly as that is not their primary goal. Bianca’s phonetic markup is indeed something most accent coaches lack.”

BenPolitical Science Student, Russia

“I had a hard time pronouncing exact sounds ; also my aim is to sound more native ( still working on it). Actually, I didn't know where to start, however Bianca's sessions put everything right into place and now I know my weaknesses. My work on my accent became more streamlined. I literally can hear the differences. This is the most important thing for me to see my progress!”

YuniaChemistry Major, Russia

“Sometimes I had doubts. I mispronounced a word or wrote the wrong preposition or ignored the meaning of some idiom. Once, navigating on Facebook I came across Bianca, and her Feedback Club. Since then, I can solve all my questions and learn the nuances of the English language. A second language needs to be practiced on a daily basis. My experience with The Accent Feedback Club is something that I'd like to share with people who can profit from it like myself. My recommendation: be a part of this Club and you will achieve what you need regarding your doubts when speaking English. Take advantage of the advice and teaching of one of the best English coaches I've met.”

RosaEnglish Teacher, Spain

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How much does the Accent Feedback Club cost?

Join for the low price of $19 a month! Sign up via my Patreon page for secure payments and to get exactly the classes you want.

Can I join for free?

Sign up for my monthly Masterclass. It’s completely free on the last Thursday of the month. Come check out my training style, participate in a lesson, and meet the amazing accent community. Click here.

Where does Accent Feedback Club meet?

I host Accent Feedback Club on Discord.  There, you can sign up for the freebies available on that site. Once you become a paid member, you get access to 3 additional club channels and all the benefits!

How many people are in each class?

For each session, 3 – 5 people take the hot seat and read a text out loud for feedback. Other class members are free to listen. Members get access to a recording of each session for further review, which is a great help.

Do you assign homework?

I don’t have specific homework assignments after class, but I’ll tell you what you should focus on to help you review and prepare for the next session. Feel free to do any additional work that helps you – watch a replay, prepare your next piece of text, go over notes, or do any other extra practice. If you’re not a homework person, we promise to love you anyway.

Do you offer refunds?

OF COURSE!  I’m happy to give you a full refund after I see you attend at least one class per week. If we’re not a match, that’s okay; I’ll refund you so you can find a different coach.

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